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Who to win a basket of sock goodies?

If you enjoyed March Hat madness or if you missed all the fun, please join us for a new competition of making socks.  This time you will not be on a team but competing individually against time. 

You will know exactly how much yarn you will need, so all yarn can be purchased at one time.  This is definitely a plus for those that will need their yarn mailed! 

There will be required posts on Facebook, email, or of course you can stop at the shop and show your work. While there are required posts, you may post your progress anytime. 


You can get an early start on your holiday stitching by making socks for gifts for family or friends, and maybe yourself. Socks can be as simple or complex as you like.

  • You will be making a total of 3 pairs socks.
    1. First week, October 1-7, one sock or half of two socks
      1. The heel must be turned on both sock on either toe up or cuff down if making two at a time).
      2. The waste yarn should be of high contrast if planning an afterthought heel.
    2. Second week, October 8-14, finish the pair.
    3. Third week, October 15-21, make one complete pair of socks.
    4. Fourth week, October 22-29, be the first to finish and post a complete pair of socks to be the winner.
  • All socks must be:
    1. Made using fingering weight yarn
    2. Be a minimum of 7 inches from top of cuff to heel turn
    3. Be 8 inches from heel turn to end of toe.
    4. Tube socks must be a total of 16 inches.
  • Post of photo or email it to of your cast on each week (not necessary the second week or if you did two at a time the first week).
  • Post or email a photo of your completed work before midnight on the final day of each week.
    1. Include a measuring device beside your sock on end of the week photo.
    2. Include the yarn and pattern used.
  • Yarn must be purchased at Harps & Thistles between September 24 and October 29.
    1. Remember you may not cast on until October 1 and the first day of each following week.

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