Hank's Mystery Bundle!
Hank's Mystery Bundle!

Hank's Mystery Bundle!

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We first met Hank one year ago in our promo for Quaranskeins (remember those?).?ÿ He then became our 2020 mascot, adorning everything from bags to stickers and even tape measures.?ÿ Eventually he received his name via a contest and we've come to know and love him as one of the Harps & Thistles team and our resident wool expert!

But just as Hank has evolved, so has our world since he was born last year during the shutdown.?ÿ And I started wondering... if we were still offering Quaranskeins, what would your word be now, one year later??ÿ?ÿ

So, to celebrate his one-year anniversary (and earn his keep), Hank has agreed to make up mystery bundles for you!?ÿ Same premise as before, you provide one word and the amount of the bundle and Hank will put together a specially curated package just for you based on your word.

Just add one of the bundles to your cart and add your word to the NOTES section.?ÿ You can also tell him if there's a color you hate or if you're a knitter or crocheter.
Let's see if he's the expert he claims to be!


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