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2017 Gift-A-Long!

Posted by Cindy Michael on

2017 Gift-A-Long!
Join us in January for help with setting your
2017 gift giving goals!  

We've all been there.  During the holiday season you swear that you're going to start your gift knitting in January next year so you're not rushed because you waited until the last minute AGAIN! And, like all the rest of us, in November you end up drastically slashing your original list and downloading every worsted (or better yet bulky) weight hat pattern you can find.  

Well 2017 will be different!  Allow us to help you plan out your entire year of giving and help you stay on track with meetings, discounts, incentives & encouragement!  
You will be provided with materials needed to help keep you on track and each month there will be added incentives for participating and reaching your goals including:
  • Attending BiMonthly Meetings
  • Rewards
  • Prizes!
  • Monthly Specials
  • Ravelry Group Thread -
    There's no fee to join and meetings are not mandatory to participate.  But you must be registered to be eligible for prizes & incentives. First meetings will be January 3 & 7 (meetings will take place the 1st & 3rd Tuesday & Saturday of each month). There's no deadline for signing up but the earlier you do the more chances you have to win!

    CLICK HERE to register today!

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